THE ARTIST STATEMENT change; to go over the other side; to invert or to substitute one for the other. ...for a moment we either wish to break free from the colour of our skin or to control because of the color of our skin. We gain or lose respects due to our skin colour variance... Since the early men, the skin colour has been a yardstick to identify royalty from slaves, successful from failure, clean from dirty; hate from love, civil from barbaric, technology from primitive. If we were to go over as the opposite colour that black should be white and white should be black. Would we be satisfied? Would we be fulfilled? Would we enslave? Would we be all that we said we were never going to be?


In these works I attempted not just paintings but the real struggle to break free from a present skin tone; it shows the urge to be different, the willingness to deny oneself hoping that a change in my skin colour would be all there is to be... For a moment let us add the "neutral effect " to life, where colours do not count. Let us barricade the feeling to rule or to be ruled with a touch of neutrality where everyone is regarded as a human being and not a colour tone...where we can only have just one colour "the neutral colour". To be one again, to be united against all odds...where racism hold no bounds. A world where no one is biased, disregarded or enslaved due to the colour of skin. A world with the same shooting stars for everyone. A world with hope. A world we can all equally share from.


For each and every day, we should *TRANSPOSE*; go the opposite of you, the other race, feel what it's like...and positively accept that we are one. That the colour of our skin should not segregate us, rather we should embrace in its neutrality as ALL BECOMES ONE!