My works signify the cross-examination of emotions, structures, systems, and general concepts collected within society. Am Continually trying to transfer such feelings and my interpretation of life into a historically based art form such as portraits of women, men, and children.

 I treat my works as poetry which captivates the viewer at first glance and inundates you in emotion. My paintings allow you to find compassion within yourself; they act as a trigger to tap into a human through life-like portraits. 

In my work, Every blemish, scar, or intricate feature in it help express the truth in uncomfortable and Euphoria situations, and challenges I have experienced with a broad spectrum of displayed emotion through tears, despair, happiness, and affinity. On encounter of my piece, you constrained to feel connected and searching for ways to console or free the subject from anxiety. 

When putting paint to the canvas, I explore the refinements of the human figure. The facial composition is a crucial element I explore in my paintings. The movement of tissues, hair, and sweat are components of work to make it dynamic, manipulating human figure to recreate a character that conveys a vivid message to the heart.  


Finalist Spanish visual Art competition.

Winner Talent for Praize Music and Art Competition 2015.

Winner Best Experiment Artist at LIMCAF 2016.

Group leader at Enugu State Art Schools Mural Workshop, organized by Alliance Francaise 2017.

Winner Vin Martin Ilo Award at LIMCAF 2017


Spanish Visual Art Competition Grand Finale 2015.

Talent for Praize Music and Art Competition Grand Finale 2015.

LIMCAF Zonal Exhibition 2016.

LIMCAF Grand finale 2016.

The Sojourner Art Exhibition 2017(Initiated & Curated by Ayogu Kingsley for FAAE, ESCET).

MAEZOE Art First Lagos 2017.

Not Seen but Felt debut solo Exhibition 2017.

LIMCAF Enugu Zonal Exhibition.

LIMCAF Grand Finale Exhibition 2017.

Moniker Art Fair, Brooklyn New York 2018